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Terms & Conditions

First and foremost, material presented on our web sites is intended for adult entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase material or services from us. In purchasing a video or joining one of our web sites, you affirm that you are at least 18 years old and/or are legally entitled to own/view such material in your country, state or legal jurisdiction. By purchasing material or services, you also agree not to hold Leather & Lace and/or Raslin' Gal liable as a result of consequential or inconsequential damages resulting from the use or misuse of our products and/or services. Please exercise good judgment and keep this material away from minors.

Web Site Membership:

You will be billed for membership services on a monthly basis. If you choose to cancel your membership after a monthly cycle has begun, you will not be credited for the remaining time and your membership will remain valid until the end of that cycle. At that time, you will not be billed for another cycle and your membership will be terminated. We do not "pro-rate" membership months, so please don't ask.

The username and password you chose or were assigned that allows access to one of our sites is to be considered confidential information by you. YOU are responsible for the safekeeping of this information. Logs are monitored diligently by both the server and the webmaster. If your account is found to be compromised, your access will be removed. If it appears that you are sharing your account information, your account will not be reinstated and your will not receive a refund for the time remaining on that billing cycle.

You agree not to attempt to bypass security measures on any site. You also agree not to remove or alter copywrite notices, watermarks or other embedded security features in our photographs and video. Furthermore, you also agree not to share material in our member sections or video download catalog with anyone. Violations could result in legal action against you. None of the people that make these sites and videos possible work for free.

Return policy for physical merchandise:

Due to the easy nature of media duplication, we cannot offer a refund on DVD or VHS videos purchased from our store. We do, however, offer a 30 day exchange for defective media. Please email Greg at gwagent@aol.com or call 847-516-3652 before returning media. All other merchandise must have approval before it can be returned.

Policy regarding videos from our download section:

We do not offer refunds on purchases. We do, however, pride ourselves on customer service and request that you email Greg at gwagent@aol.com or call 847-516-3652 is you have a problem. If you cannot download or play a particular video due to problems with either your internet connection or computer, we can offer help. Videos in the download section carry the same copy right protection as any other original work. By purchasing a video from this section, you agree not to share it with anyone.  Furthermore, you agree to give up your right to transfer the original downloadable video to another party (which means you cannot sell it). Remember that all of the videos in the download section contain unique security identifiers that will identify the original purchaser of the video.

Please contact us immediately if you have questions concerning this policy. Please send email to Greg: GWagent@aol.com or Brandy: RaslinGal@aol.com. Management reserves the right to make changes to this policy without notification.


Policy updated July 14, 2005