Leather & Lace Productions, Inc.

P.O. Box 455
Cary, IL 60013
Phone: 847.516.3652
Fax: 815.477.4028


Model Application

You must provide 2 forms of ID for proof of age.


Full Name:_____________________________________________________________________________
Nickname:_____________________________________________________________ Age:____________
Today's Date: ___________________________ Ethnicity:_______________________________________
Address:___________________________________________________________ Apt/Suite #:__________
City:_______________________________________ State/Province:_______________________________
Zip/Postal Code:_____________________________ Country:____________________________________
Daytime Phone: ( ______ ) ____________________ Evening Phone: ( ______ ) _____________________
Pager/Cell Phone: ( ______ ) __________________
Email Address:_______________________________
Current Occupation or Year in School:_______________________________________________________
Your School (if student):__________________________________________________________________



Height: __________________
Weight: _________________ lbs.
Waist: __________________
Eye Color: _______________
Hair Color: _______________
Jacket Size: ______________
Jacket Length: ____________
Inseam: __________________
Collar: ___________________
Shoe Size: _______________
Sleeve: ___________________

TERMS & CONDITIONS: In submitting this application to L&L Productions, I acknowledge that the information above is accurate and complete in every detail. I further warrant to L&L Productions that the photographs I have provided present a true and current image of myself and that the photos provided have been taken within the past 6 months. I request the Casting Department to evaluate my abilities and looks based on the data and photographs I have provided herein. I further agree that any discrepancies, discovered at any time, in the information or images presented by me to L&L Productions, gives L&L Productions the right to: decline my request for evaluation, reverse a prior decision on my application or without notice, terminate my status as an L&L Productions model if approved and accepted.



Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________